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PATIO PLUS SYSTEM - coming soon

Brand New! The most up to date product of its type on the market, Liniar’s Patio Plus includes the revolutionary ModLok ™ modular locking mechanism pioneered with Yale the country’s best known lock maker.

With four hook bolts and two shoot-bolts at the top and bottom, the security of the Patio Plus is far greater than any other product of its type. The locking mechanism is designed so that hooks and bolts do not protrude into the room even when the Patio Door is open providing a true anti-ligature feature, and a one piece locking keep ensures that there are no unwanted finger traps. Patio Plus also includes the latest ‘anti-bump’ and ‘anti-snap’ locking cylinders to prevent even the most determined would be intruders.

Combined with great security, the new Patio Plus also offers great appearance, outstanding thermal performance, and an incredibly smooth and quiet operating action. No other patio door provides the same number of features. Its appearance offers slim sculptured sightlines allowing natural light to flood into the room. External ‘crash’ stops a feature of most patio doors are concealed within the expertly designed hardware system and are invisible to the end user, while a wraparound threshold is fitted as standard to ensure that scuffing through use is a thing of the past.

The revolutionary system gives it a super smooth and silent operating action. The multi-wheeled running system keeps the patio door perfectly balanced while it moves along its track, as if it is floating on air, a fantastic feature exclusive to this product.

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